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Hello, my name is Kimberly Rodriguez. I am an indigenous Mexican illustrator, poet, writer and a first- generation daughter based in the vibrant Bay Area of California.

Through my work, I strive to capture the essence of healing, reclamation, and liberation. I firmly believe that art and words have the power to unlock our highest potential, serving as a gateway to self-reflection. I actively use my platform to share about topics I am passionate about, such as activism, healing, and creating community. It is my mission to spark conversations and inspire positive change through my art and words.  

Over the years, I have had the privilege of contributing to various published works, including designing book covers and writing pieces. Beyond my work as an artist and writer, I find great joy in reading and spending quality time with my family. These moments of connection and exploration fuel my creativity and inspire me to continue pursuing my passions. 


I am thrilled to announce that my first book, titled "Incantations Embodied - Rituals for Empowerment, Reclamation & Resistance," is scheduled to be released on May 21, 2024, published by Spirit Bound Press. 

Thank you for being here and joining me on this journey of self-expression and growth. 


Kimberly Rodriguez
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