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Kimberly Rodriguez, also known as Poeta Goddess is a published illustrator and writer based in the Bay, Area California. She is a first generation daughter and Indigenous Mexican woman. Kimberly's work weaves her cultural roots and an earthly element to serve as a reminder of the connection we all hold with all the natural elements that surround us. 


Kimberly believes that art is sacred and can work as a portal to connect us to our own inner magic. "Art is a powerful tool that can help us through hardships and can care for us in the most deepest intimate ways," says Kimberly. 


With a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, Kimberly has been able to adapt her educational background with her life experiences and cultural roots. 

Kimberly has worked on several projects including book covers + interior illustrating, logo branding, product packaging and is currently working on her own book set to release July 2024. 

"Poeta Goddess" is more than just an instagram handle, it has become the space where many folks around the world come to experience moments of peace and compassion. 


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