Hello Beloveds,

Welcome. Thank you for being here and sharing this space with me. My name is Kimberly Rodriguez first generation, Xicana Indigena. I am an intuitive illustrator, intuitive writer, bruja, tarot reader and all around spiritual practitioner. My work revolves around decolonizing, remembering and coming back to my roots.

Through my work, I wish to bring connection and growth. I believe in the power of art and writing and what it does for our self betterment and for others. I believe art and writing is a portal that has access to our higher selves as well to be able to connect with our Ancestors and a higher consciousness. 

I am beyond grateful to bring these creations to the collective in hopes they will bring healing, love and empowerment to those who may need it. 

Blessings & Tlazohcamati to you all,