Thanks for stopping by! My name is Kimberly Rodriguez, I am a first generation, Xicana Indigena artist. I am the eldest daughter of two undocumented parents and I occupy so called Oakland, CA, land to the Ohlone peoples'. My art is rooted in my culture as well as my decolonizing journey. Coming back to my roots has inspired my creative path and I am so grateful I get to share it with you all here! 

Art is sacred! For many years, many of our Ancestors have looked towards art to pass on history, education, stories, medicine and songs. The sacred path of art is one I do not take lightly and I understand what this grand power holds.


Being inclusive to all types of bodies, skin color, backgrounds is important to my art. Growing up I did not see many of my family members in the books I was reading or the everyday media I was consuming. This did not help shape my self confidence in one day seeing myself taking space in these communities. A big part of my art is being inclusive to different bodies. I draw my reality. My art is a representation of my everyday life.


Thank you for being here! And for even taking the time to read a bit about who I am! So grateful!  

I hope you may find yourself in my art.

Wishing you love, happiness and health!