The Nantli Collection

(Nantli translates to Mother in Nahuatl)

Poeta Goddess x Teji Nantli

An offering created in sacred ceremony between Mother, Daughter and Spirit.

Blessings Sacred Web Family,

I am so excited to offer my latest and most personal offering yet. A collective offering created with Spirit and my Mother, Maria Lorena also known as Teji Nantli on Instagram. My Mamá has been such a huge inspiration to my craft. She is the story teller in my Family, the one who taught me the importance to tell stories through craft as she has done for many years through knitting and creating bordados, embroidery.


Embroidery was one of the first crafts I ever learned.  My Mamá would gather me and my sisters around and teach us how to knit and embroider tea towels. She taught us the importance of creating with hands. I remember her telling me how the hands are the "language of the heart." For many of our veins are interwoven and ran directly between fingertip and heart, she would say. Not sure if that is even true, but my heart did / does express itself best through my hands, and I am grateful to be here today expressing the language of my heart with my Mamá, using our hands and sharing our medicine with folkx from all paths. 


The Nantli Collection is a representation of all mothers. Wether you are one, grew up with one in a literal sense or wether you mothered yourself, which in most cases, many of us did / have / are. The Nantli collection speaks of nurture and growth, it speaks of the "Mother" alchemy in all that surrounds externally and internally. There is a Nantli in all of us, there is a Nantli in every direction, every scent, every touch, every sound, everywhere we look. The power of the Mother resides in the deep meadows of the forests and in the surface of the ocean. The nourishment of the divine flows in and out through each and every one of us despite of gender, non gender conforming; the divine Nantli lives and breathes in our lungs. The Nantli nests in our spines. The Nantli alchemizes in our chests and empowers through our palms.


The Nantli collection will be a staple in my craft. This will be something I will continue to offer in communion with Spirit and my Mother. The first two items to be released is The Ceremonial Cloth & the Pendulum Cloth. Both can be used as Spiritual Tools as a form to reach our highest and greatest good. Work with these cloths as a form to reach the "3 sacred G's" that are part of my daily ritual; grounding, guidance, growth. 

(More ways on how to use these cloths under each cloths' listing.)

I am in complete gratitude to you all Sacred Web Family for supporting my craft and now welcoming my Mothers' craft. I hope you feel all the love that has been interwoven & encrypted into each item. May these cloths serve as a Ceremonial Ritual for grounding, for being guided and for welcoming growth.

Blessings to you and yours,


Kim & Natli Maria