Nantli Ceremonial Cloth

Poeta Goddess x Teji Nantli 



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The Nantli Ceremonial Cloth is meant to be used as a Spiritual Tool for channeling, communing and working in Ceremony with your Ancestors and Spirit Guides. Art has long been used as a portal to travel to realms of higher consciousness and connect with Divine Source. 


Use the Nantli Ceremonial Cloth in your rituals. Perform ritual spells on it, drink and eat your ceremonial brews and nourishing food on it, perform Tarot and Oracle readings on it, use it as wall art or decorative art, make it a home in your Altars, use it in Ceremony in all that you do. The Nantli Ceremonial Cloth can be used to help amplify anything that is put on it as it was created with the most highest intent and uses art that connects you to higher conciousness. Use the encrypted words and art as a portal to guide you in ceremony with your higher self, your Ancestors and Spirit Guides. 


Nantli Ceremonial Cloth Content: 

⋒ Fabric Content: 55% linen, 45% cotton

⋒ Fabric Construction: Woven, 2x1 Oxford Weave

⋒ Cloth measures about 17.5 x 17.5 inches

⋒ Cloth is dyed using water based pigments, no chemicals added 

⋒ Cloth is hand stitched and embroidered by Teji Nantli

⋒ Embroidered stiching yarn made of 100% Cotton


Nantli Ceremonial Cloth Care Instructions:

⋒ Wash in delicate / cold water/ air dry prefered 

⋒ Steam or iron cloth on back side. (nonart side)

Nantli Ceremonial Cloth

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