Nantli Pendulum Cloth

Poeta Goddess x Teji Nantli 


The Nantli Pendulum Cloth is meant to be used as a Spiritual Tool for grounding, guidance and invoking growth. Pendulum cloths or boards are used by many from all walks of paths. They work as a portal to work with our Ancestors, Guides and Spirit. Set intention, ask for guuidance, ask for truth and see what the Pendulum Cloth reveals. 


Can be used with a Pendulm crystal guide and/or small pebbles or crystals can be tossed onto the cloth to reveal its guidance. 


Nantli Ceremonial Cloth Content: 

⋒ Fabric Content: 55% linen, 45% cotton

⋒ Fabric Construction: Woven, 2x1 Oxford Weave

⋒ Cloth measures about 17x17 inches

⋒ Cloth is dyed using water based pigments, no chemicals added 

⋒ Cloth is hand stitched by Teji Nantli and comes with a Teji Nantli hand knitted tying doily

⋒ Cloth comes with a guide that further explains symbols and words on cloth.


Nantli Pendulum Cloth Care Instructions:

⋒ Wash in delicate / cold water/ air dry prefered 

⋒ Steam or iron cloth on back side. (nonart side)


Nantli Pendulum Cloth