"Nantli Wisdom Pendulum Cloth"


Infused with illustrations, words and numbers to help guide you everyday. Each word was carefully selected to help unlock messages from your Spirit Guides and Ancestors. 


Each cloth comes with 3 small crystal rocks to be used in "tossing" on cloth.

Each cloth comes with a pamphlet guidebook to help you connect to each symbol, word and number.  


⋒ Sized: 16x16

⋒ Fabric Content: 55% linen, 45% cotton

⋒ Fabric Construction: Woven, 2x1 Oxford Weave

⋒ Cloth dyed using water based pigments, no chemicals added!

⋒ Hand stiched by Poeta Goddess Mamá (@tejinantli) 

Nantli Wisdom Pendulum Cloth

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