Tattoo Pass


This is a tattoo pass for any of my existing work. This includes both poetry and art pieces. 


Please feel free to include or exclude any elements from any of my existing art pieces on your tattoo. You do not have to get the entire piece of one of my art pieces as I know my pieces can be very much detailed. 


This pass EXCLUDES any of my work on my social media that states it is a COMMISSIONED piece. Please read the bio on any of the work that I post to see if it is a commissioned piece. I always mention if it was a commissioned piece. 


Please please please share with me a picture of the finished art piece so I can share it for the collective to see!!


Once you've purchased this pass, you will get an email with a PDF that simply mentions you are allowed to get one of my designs tattoed. 


** At the moment I am not open for custom commissioned pieces, I will announce on my social media or if you are signed to my Newsletter wether I will be taking on new commissions. ** 

Tattoo Pass